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Feb 07 2002

I just saw Monsters, Inc. What a great movie! I wo…

I just saw Monsters, Inc. What a great movie! I would even go as far as to say it is the best thing Pixar has made yet. The animation was amazing, developed to the point where you forget you’re looking at animation, and the acting was wonderful. Perhaps I just needed to see something like this and my state of mind made me particularly amenable to this kind of film, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Very, very well done. As far as pure enjoyment goes, it surpassed the Lord of the Rings by a fair bit, I thought.

There is a restaurant/bar thing on the ground floor of our new building called the “in house DJ lounge restaurant chillout experience” I’ve seen some of my co-workers in there, but I haven’t been in myself. It just sounds too wierd, though, so sooner or later I won’t be able to resist actually going in and seeing if it lives up to such an all-inclusive name. Does the attendant give you a choice, i.e., “Would sir like to Listen, Lounge, Dine, or just Chill?”

This afternoon I was standing by the window looking at the mountains, as I am apt to do, when I noticed a group of people, including two foreign girls, downstairs by the Bridge To Nowhere. A group of photographers was taking pictures of the girls, so I assumed they were models of some sort. Then one of the assistants got out a sort of hula-hoop thing and put it around one of the models, who promptly began to undress. Man, if I weren’t a ‘mo I would have been a really happy camper. I don’t know how they missed an entire building full of people looking down at them when it was right there. Maybe they didn’t care. In that case they won’t mind me posting the pictures here. Hee!

Concerning the Great Shoe Debate, I decided to take Shauna’s advice (she being the fashion mogul that I know she is) and bought the Storm Pegasuses (Pegasi?). Thanks to all who contibuted to the discussion. It was truly enlightening.

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