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Feb 28 2002

I got an email today which began "Dear Sir, Your c…

I got an email today which began “Dear Sir, Your contact was discretely sourced for among others with respect to your position as an international acclaimed personality; and we decided in your favour as a partner for this business proposal bearing in mind that you are of an outstanding reputation to usher you in as the beneficiary…” I didn’t get any further than that, because I was laughing too hard at the “international acclaimed personality” bit. Woo! Finally, this website thing is going to pay off, since it made me popular enough for a Nigerian company to put me in charge of US$6 million dollars. Damn.

I had lunch today with Brian Kennedy and Dean at a little Indonesian place upstairs at the train station. The food was pretty awful, but the staff was friendly. Afterwards we went in search of the amber shop of our Azerbaijani friend Fuad, but although his sign was there, he was not. The girl at the shop next door said he had left in a hurry a few days ago. Hmmm. A mystery.

Dean and Kay wanted to see a movie, but the theaters were way too crowded, so we decided to wait until a weeknight on a non-holiday. I came home and watched Almost Famous, which I liked a lot. A really well-done film, and it really touched me. I think they might have been filming the New York City part of it when I was in New York studying film, ironically. I say ironically because it’s been two years and I haven’t done shit in the area of filming anything new, but perhaps “pitiful” is a better word. It’s one of the reasons I want to get the Damn Book published and done with, so I can begin work on the Damn Film, as soon as I save up enough moolah for a Damn Camera and other assort Damn Equipment.

Work again tomorrow, alas, but after that comes the weekend, and hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in some good horizontal time.

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