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Jul 12 2002

I felt like seeing a movie on Wednesday night. No …

I felt like seeing a movie on Wednesday night. No matter that I also needed to go look for a new monitor, as mine was done for. I tried to get Maoman and Berta to come over to Warner Village, but they both had plans. That was it, then; I went and bought one ticket to see Minority Report. It was that kind of night.

I enjoyed the film, but several flaws kept me clicking my tongue with the thought of how much better it could have been with a director dedicated to a vision rather than a director dedicated to manipulative entertainment. There were several continuity problems that were just careless, but the biggest flaw was the ending, as others have pointed out. I think it was too bright; a bittersweet ending would have suited the cauldron of emotions created by the story much better; the dessert was too sweet, and it left us confused about what we were being told. I think perhaps shunting the happy-children-in-the-cottage scene a bit earlier and ending on the main character and his wife would have helped, but it wouldn’t have solved the problem.

Another glaring problem was with Tom Cruise. He played the character of Officer John Anderton ok, but without convincing depth. I know, who are we talking about here? I’m sure he lined the producers’ pockets much better than a better, lesser known actor would have, and that pisses me off for some reason. I suppose I’m not ready for Hollywood Big Time if I still think like that, but I do.

Last night, after meeting with a friend from Eslite Bookstore for publishing advice, I finally embarked on my quest for a new LCD monitor, fully intending to not get home empty-handed. I even forsook my motorcycle in anticipation of lugging the thing home. My first stop was the Nova shopping center, where I found a lot of “we don’t have that model but we can get it for you tomorrow” from little shops. Then I went to T-zone, which didn’t have much of anything, and then to Tek or whatever the big yellow taxi-signed store is. They had a good selection, but unfortunately they tended to install shiny glass covers on their LCD monitors, resulting in annoying reflections and fingerprints.

Before I knew it it was 9:30 and everything was closed. I was tired and thirsty, and it was hot, so I took the MRT home and had a late dinner at Grandma Nitti’s. Petting the large orange cat there, making it happy by rubbing behind its ears, made me feel a bit better. The food wasn’t bad, either. I still haven’t decided what to do about the monitor thing, though. It’s going to cost me a large chunk o’ change in any case; I just don’t want to get ripped off too badly.

Mindcrime is in town at the moment, along with HG (His Girl) Janice. It’s Friday and everyone is at the Company Meeting. I stopped going to Company Meetings after I found out how utterly useless and time-wasting they were. I’d rather sit here and update my blog. Far more interesting, if you ask me. Still, even though it’s pretty nice out, I don’t feel like it’s Friday. Probably the unresolved monitor issue nagging at me. At least I got my motorcycle registration renewed at lunch, which involved a very political conversation with a taxi driver. Luckily we saw eye-to-eye in that respect, although he was a bit scary as far as the intensity of his convictions went.

I was asked recently to be a moderator on the Oriented forums. I respectfully declined, citing my volitile personality and certain tendencies to mock people. Nice of them to ask, though. It just seems to me that being a moderator is one step beyond obsession with that forum, and I don’t need to get any closer than I already am to that particular state of being.

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