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Nov 06 2002

Googlism for: Poagao Poagao is going to trust h…

Googlism for: Poagao

Poagao is going to trust his vision to some stranger operating a machine in the hopes that he can avoid wearing contacts or glasses any more.

Poagao is a vote for creative yet surprisingly lazy leadership in the finest philosophical Taoist tradition of just leaving things the hell alone.

Poagao is his nickname, it means happy monkey.

My sister is undergoing weight-loss surgery today in Oklahoma. Everyone send some good thoughts her way, ok?

The weather’s still brilliant and cool, although more clouds are moving in. I need to tidy up the last of my boxes and get rid of excess stuff at the new place. Mindcrime is back in Taiwan after a trip to Singapore for visa purposes. He and Dean and I are planning to get together later to drink and hear the tale. I should probably say I’ll be drinking water, though, lest Berta feel the need to comment on how unwise it would be for someone just recovering from Typhoid to be drinking liquor.

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