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Jun 27 2002

Blade II was pretty much what I thought it would b…

Blade II was pretty much what I thought it would be: vaguely interesting, mostly pointless. You could see the points at which Wesley just gave up and said “Aw, hell, make that a CG move. I’m beat.” I think might have asked the computer for suggestions as to plot as well. I’m sure it could have come up with something, something at least better than what they used. A super vampire? Right. At least they didn’t drag on Blade’s cute, tow-headed nephew who’s always getting into trouble. Oh, no. They’ll save that one for Blade III, you can bet on it.

After consuming an innocent-looking baked potato yesterday at lunch, I was beset upon by a vicious series of migraines all afternoon, making it next to impossible to do anything but lie on the couch and moan. I used to get a lot of migraines as a teenager, but then they dropped off in my 20s, only coming around once every few months to beat me up a little instead of every day. Hopefully I’ve got a few more months before the next one. That one was pretty savage.

My head was still aching, and I was still a bit wheasy when I met up with Shirzi (the character formeraly known as Seamus), Dean, Rowan, Alien and Peter at Q-bar last night, so I started the evening’s festivities rather slowly. It turned out to be a good time, though, and Peter and I even discussed the Damn Book a bit, since he works for one of the publishers I am considering. Sooner or later I am going to have to weigh both their offers and make a decision. But until I have the offers in front of me, I’m not going to worry too much about it.

When I walked outside this morning, I discovered that someone had nicked my motorcycle helmet. I’ve lived in Taipei for quite a while now, and this is the first time it’s happened to me. I’m more perplexed than angry about it: why would anyone go to the trouble of stealing a scratched up, cut-rate helmet that was locked onto the side of a beat-up, even worse-looking motorcycle? I think the most likely culprit is someone I cut off in traffic. There’s probably sugar in my gas tanks or a missing bit of machinery or something as well. In which case, however, they shouldn’t have taken the helmet to even alert me to the possibility. Ah, whatever. Now I have to find another helmet, which is a bit of a pain, but not too difficult in these parts. There is a press conference planned for Monday downstairs, however, where several large motorcycles, including the one I spotted downstairs a few weeks back, will make their debut. I tried to bribe a blackmail a few people in our company today, threatening to raise questions about the huge price differential between the same bikes sold here and abroad. So far I haven’t been able to even squeeze a reasonable discount out of them, just some Harley-Davidson accesories, but there’s no way you’re going to catch this monkey wearing leather chaps on a summer day in Taipei.

Tonight is the Oriented Happy Fun Happy Fever Hour, and since it is being held right next door, at Chili’s, I might as well go. Both this and in honor of my stolen helmet that I wore my Fuck Very Hot shirt today. I don’t anticipate much in the way of social interaction, since Alien and Rowan tell me that I am “one of them” when it comes to repelling people; I happen to agree, except I think I am far better at it than even they are. Both Alien and Maoman are trying to get me to move waythefuck out to Xizhi to a gated community. I will definitely take a look at some point, if only to mooch a few meals off of them, but I should tell them that I signed a blood pact shortly after my birth in the back of a station wagon near a holy cave in a small Mexican town that I would never, ever live in a gated community. Jaded communities, however, are ok, even encouraged.

Due to financial as well as temporal constraints, Mindcrime and His Girl Janice will be jetting off to Hong Kong sans my delicious company this time around. That’s a shame, but there will likely be other such trips in the future. Let’s just consider the facts: 1) Janice loves to spend a lot of time shopping. 2) Janice has never been to Hong Kong, or in particular, Pacific Place, before. 3) It’s hot outside. All in all, I think the odds of spending a great deal of time in neat, white retail spaces frequented by heavily made-up women holding immaculately groomed rodents is fair to good. Maybe I’ll just sit this one out.

I was in the bathroom earlier today (yes, it happens, even to me. Cut me, and do I not bleed? Feed me, and do I not shit?), and as I was walking by on my way to the sink when BANG! One of the recessed light bulbs exploded, showering me with the echos of the sound as well as shards of smoked glass. I would make some snide remark of “Made in Taiwan” if I wasn’t sure that Ministry of Truth officials would haul me down into the bowels of their offices, where they are even today still pistol-whipping Michael Douglas for that umbrella remark in Fatal Attraction.

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