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Apr 22 2002

An abandoned freighter adrift in the pacific ocean…

An abandoned freighter adrift in the pacific ocean with only a dog and one dead body aboard. Freaky. Sounds like a Stephen King story. You have to wonder what that dog’s been eating all this time.

Speaking of eating, I had a delicious brunch at Jake’s yesterday with Dean, Kay (now sporting a new B’Elanna of Voyager fame-esque ‘do), Dave and Eoghain, who spent most of the time showing us how to input predictive text on our cellphones, something which had eluded me until Eoghain showed us the light. I then went home to fiddle with the damn book before going to sword practice. I am less and less inclined to go all the way across town on my motorcycle every Sunday night just for a short review of forms I already know. I think I might stop going and try to find another place to learn more new sword forms. I would also like to buy another sword to replace the one I broke on Saturday, but that can wait as I still have my back-up sword to use until I have enough money to get a decent blade.

The TV report is supposed to air on tonight’s news. I am going over to Dean’s after work to watch it, although I’d rather watch Futurama and Farscape. Maybe we’ll tape the news piece. Tomorrow morning I am going to meet with a reporter from ICRT to talk about an interview later this week, and then that night Dean and I are going over to the military magazine publishers to chat up the editorial staff there and have a look around. Wednesday night I’m going to the Ministry of Truth to take an editing test for a job I am not really interested in, Thursday night is the Oriented Happy Hour thing, and Friday…well, I’ll think of something involving wanton depravity (the very best kind of depravity!). A full week, in any case. Today I’m listening to some old Chinese songs from Shanghai circa 1940. Moody stuff.

I haven’t been able to get in touch with Sho. In any case, I don’t think I should spend too much time in here discussing such things. I’ll leave that to Jody Lin.

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