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Oct 13 2002

After spending all afternoon wrangling in virtual …

After spending all afternoon wrangling in virtual mud with my computer over our difference of opinion concerning the installation of Dreamweaver, it was too late to attend Maoman’s barbeque, so instead I set out for Tequila Sunrise, where I was to meet Dean, Mindcrime and their respective firlgriends Kay and Janice for dinner before the party at Whiskey. The meal was decent, nothing special. I suppose the main attraction at TS is their unique decor, which includes stairs. Afterwards we set out down Xinsheng S. Road in search of an ATM when we passed a restaurant that had been completely trashed. The words “Doesn’t pay debts!” were spraypainted in red all over the facade, and the sign had been removed. “Shameless” had been etched in black on the doorstep, I noticed before being pulled away by Mindcrime, who was nervous that either the debt collectors or the owners might come back, think we were part of it and string us up. Personally, I think that if either party came back and even suspected that it was we who had written the words, their first words would be “Wow, your Chinese is so good!” Then they would kill us.

The party at Whiskey was fun, despite the pretentious nature of the place. The waiters were dismissive, and the room was so ill-lit that the menus were all but unreadable. Periodically one of the sulky waiters would come by and turn up the repetitive techno music, which we would then have to turn down again. Still, lots of familiar faces were there and the wine wasn’t bad, so a good time was had by all, except of course the waiters.

China Declares Independence! “D’Argo and Greg” Premieres! Now that I’ve got Dreamweaver and Smartftp up and working, it’s time for another facinating edition of the News from the Renegade Province!

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