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Oct 18 2001

Wonderful. A known gangster was ‘elected’ convener…

Wonderful. A known gangster was ‘elected’ convener of our legislature’s Finance Committee. One of the other two conveners is under investigation for fraud. Is it just me, or does this sound like a bad idea? I can only assume that the electors had to choose between electing Da Boss and taking a dive into the Tamshui River wearing cement shoes.

After today, only one more day to go before my break. Of course, they’re going to make that day as miserable as possible by making me do overtime. They even handed out small orange pillows today at work. Does this mean we can sleep on the job? No, this means you can work at the office all night! Man, I gotta get the hell outa here.

Ok, who wants my job? Tom? Ed? Ernie? Boykani? Jeb? Jeff? So many of the sites I like to read are authored by people either without jobs or unhappy with their current jobs. I can relate.

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