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May 24 2001

Why do I smell beer in the office? Oh, that’s righ…

Why do I smell beer in the office? Oh, that’s right, Heineken is available from the vending machine labelled “Sports Drink” on the side.

Since the fire department is inspecting the building today, no doubt in reaction to the big fire in Hsichih a while back, our office has taken the precautions of removing the glass front doors, opening all the stairwell doors, as well as pretty much all the doors in the office that are usually closed. This is wierd. It is like a different office. In addition, all of the printers have been disconnected. I have no idea how our printers constitute a fire hazard, but apparently they do. I personally consider Widows 98 a fire hazard, since, after a certain amount of exposure to the Blue Screen o’ Death, anyone is susceptable to the lure of arson.

The scary thing is that all of these precautions are only going to last one day. Tomorrow we will go back to our ordinary level of flammability.

Speaking of fire hazards, there are currently two apartments in my building where they are tearing down walls with jackhammers. Not only are our neighbors actively participating in the “Guess which is the supporting wall?” game, but the people directly upstairs have decided to join the fun. About 50 bags of brick fragments now adorn the sidewalk downstairs.

I don’t know what it is about sunny days. Good-looking guys just come out of the woodwork. First one of the guys in the office I like comes over to disconnect the printer, and, in order to keep from overtly drooling on my desk, I went to the bathroom and looked out the window, where one of the Indian waiters from the restaurant located behind our building is hanging out in the alley, clad only in pants and a tank top.


Aw, knock it off.

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