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Jul 25 2001

Well, the air-raid drill went pretty well, I thoug…

Well, the air-raid drill went pretty well, I thought…a few stragglers on the streets, but for the most part the city looked deserted. I went up on the roof to check it out and called my friend Kirk, who works in the Mitsukoshi building, which is the tallest building in Taipei. I told him I could see his building (one can see that building from anywhere in the Taipei basin; it sticks out like a reddish, angular sore thumb) and told him to look for me, but although he could see our building, he couldn’t see me, even when I stood up and waved.

We’ve got play rehearsal tonight and tomorrow night at the theater. Opening night is this Saturday, which is kind of scary as we haven’t managed to actually get through the entire play in one sitting yet.

I discovered recently that my ears are different from each other. One is kind of rounded on the inside, and the other is like a triangle. I guess that is just as good an excuse as any for why I am still single. I mean besides the fact that I can be a callous, self-centered twit prone to violence and insanity at times.

Oops. There goes my personals ad.

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