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Nov 28 2001

Today on Gaming Cuisine we have a letter from Octa…

Today on Gaming Cuisine we have a letter from Octavio C. Lopez of Zaragoza in Coahuilla, Mexico:

“Dear Gaming Cuisine: What sort of snack food should I munch on when I play Red Faction? I’m saving all of my Butterfinger BBs for the next version of Jedi Knight, and the nachos that were so much of a success during my time with Half-life and its later iterations aren’t working out as the dip is slowing down my trackball action and getting me killed. What do you recommend?”

Well, Octavio, from our satellite images we see that you’ve gained at least 25 kilograms over the past few months, so maybe you should take advantage of the recent lull in First-person Shooters and go climb some stairs. Just kidding! Seriously though, Red Faction sounds like a suitable opportunity for…chicken wings! They’re yummy, and the extra grease will lubricate your trackball so you can kill off your enemies even faster as you chow down!

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