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Aug 08 2001

There’s a couple of women having a business discus…

There’s a couple of women having a business discussion right next to my cubicle as I type this. It’s quite entertaining to listen to them throw unnecessary, meaningless English words into their Chinese conversation in a battle to impress each other (and most likely me as well, although I have to say it just makes me laugh). One of the women has the advantage of having a really loud, annoying cell phone ring, while the other is trying to eat an apple in a fashion which suggests that she say someone eat an apple on HBO once and is under the impression it looks really impressive. I think perhaps the program she saw with the impressive-looking apple eating perhaps left out the sound, since she looks a bit alarmed every time she pauses in mid-sentence to bite down and a loud “CHOMP!” resonates around the office, almost drowning out the other woman’s “Repeating First Half-measure of the Four Seasons” ring tone.

To be fair, some obnoxious guys also try to impress each other by inserting bad English into their conversations with each other. It’s just that this office is dominated by women, so they are the ones I see doing this the most.

Whiny Woman, who, it turns out, is quite the popular character in this account, was complaining earlier about how fat she was and that she needs more help for her diet, in addition to the weight-reduction tea. As I have mentioned before, Whiny Woman is a stick figure, but the woman she was talking to was nodding sympathetically. She was pretty upset, in a whiny way (you should hear her say “Gan!” (Fuck!) in her diadia (pouty) voice). I will never understand this wierd perception women have of themselves, so I responded to Whiny Woman’s dubious claim about her weight by saying “Fat? You call that fat?” Both women stopped and glared at me, so I just shook my head and went to lunch.

Hotmail has been really slow today. Is it the latest victim of that Code Red thing? Or is it just being Hotmail?

I just realized that I don’t have any dress shoes for my interview. I usually only own one pair of shoes at any given time, not counting those blue-and-white sandals that everyone has, and my current shoes are black nike running shoes that look okay from the front, but have shiny Buck Rogers-in-1983 heels. I suppose if one didn’t look too closely they could pass for corner-of-the-eye dress shoes, but if anyone takes a closer look, I’m screwed.

If I get this job, I will probably not have any vacation to take. If I don’t get it, I will have two weeks before September 19th and possibly two more weeks afterwards. I can also get a free trip to Hong Kong in September, but I have no idea where I could go for two weeks. Australia? Shanghai? London, maybe?

Oh, wait, I forgot that I’m not rich…Taichung, then? or Kaohsiung? Maybe Panchiao….

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