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Jun 28 2001

There was just an announcement on the speaker conc…

There was just an announcement on the speaker concerning the little party our company is having tomorrow afternoon. It’s our anniversary party, and we are being bused over to the West Gate district to the “Sound of Music” theater for the celebrations. We are supposed to “dress in an outrageous fashion using only red and black(our company colors)”. Since I usually dress in an outrageous fashion, then, for me, dressing normally would be considered “outrageous”, wouldn’t it? I think the only article of clothing I have that is red and black, however, is a ski jacket. I don’t think they pay me quite enough to wear a ski jacket in 40-degree heat.

Management. Can’t live with ’em, can’t suffocate them with plastic bags.

Why is it lately that all the wierd stuff happens just as I am getting ready to get off work? Within the next few weeks, no doubt, I’ll be writing something like “I was just about to get off work yesterday when a giant lizard wiped out the entire accounting department with its tongue.”

I can hope, anyway.

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