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Oct 18 2001

There are now at least two election campaign headq…

There are now at least two election campaign headquarters directly downstairs from me, and it looks like they’re building yet another. I hope these guys aren’t political rivals, because I really don’t want to have to deal with competing frenzies of political enthusiasm. I suspect all of the candidates have their offices in this building because of its proximity to the “Really Good” seafood restaurant located next door. What a bunch of knobs. The one time of year they venture out of their palaces on Yangmingshan and mingle with the common scum, and they still can’t bring themselves to eat a meal that costs less than most people’s cars.

I’ve partially revised my links page so that now there are only pictures as links, sans description before mouseover. I am thinking of doing my photography page this way, since the way I have it now requires an exhorbitant amount of scrolling, and someone could get hurt. What does the man on the street think? Let me know! I’ve got the comments working, I might as well use ’em. You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t wait up, though. *yawn* Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day, with me running around gathering my tickets and visa, practising sword for Saturday’s competition, handing over the really cool Tai-chi logo I came up with, doing overtime until God Knows When, and gradually coming to the happy realization that I’m going to Australia in a few days.

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