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Jun 20 2001

The guy who takes the garbage from our bathrooms h…

The guy who takes the garbage from our bathrooms here wears a vest which has “Jani-king! Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore” written on the back of it. Wow. They really go all out!

My cold is a lot better, but I sure picked the wrong can of pea soup to mess with last night. I don’t think my stomach will ever let me near the “Dodgy Imported German Soup” section of the store again. My cold is probably still there; it’s just been overshadowed for the moment. Being dizzy from taking cold medicine has a distinct disadvantage, however: I can no longer tell whether I am experiencing an earthquake at any given moment.

A friend of mine who started work here the same day as I did but was later fired for not living up to his boss’ social expectations sent me some extremely disgusting pictures, with his comment: “Can this be for real?” He is always ccing stuff to me, but this has got to be a record. I’m not going to publish them here, but if you want to see them, let me know and I’ll email them to you.

Fun with Google: Can you type your name into the Google search window and find yourself within a reasonable number of links? My friend Clar can. So can Shawn. I can’t, at least not with my real name. “Poagao” will do it, though. A search for the name of my older brother Kevin (who does actually play flute) gets this page. My older sister Leslie’s name alone doesn’t find anything, but add Oklahoma to the search, and you get this rather frightening site.

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