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Oct 11 2001

Random childhood memory: riding in a car somewhere…

Random childhood memory: riding in a car somewhere one night with a relative of mine, I can’t remember which one….a familiar song was on the radio and I started half-whistling along to it. Part of me wanted to show off that I knew the song, but part of me didn’t want to seem like the kind of person who whistled, so it was more like that pseudo-whistle you do when you really really want to whistle but don’t want to offend the people around you, coming out more like a hesitant, semi-musical blowing sound.

“Cut it out,” my relative told me. I was silent for a couple of songs, then I started up again, almost without realizing it. My relative turned to glare at me.

“Don’t whistle at night. It attracts ghosts. Don’t you know anything?”

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