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May 03 2001

Over the past couple of weeks, the guy in the offi…

Over the past couple of weeks, the guy in the office opposite my desk has been working on a drawing on his computer. Today I came in and found three posters on his office door. They all involve the FareasTone IF pre-paid mobile phone card mascot, which is an orange-haired girl who looks like the pseudo-singer Coco Lee with a headset. Usually she is clad in an orange miniskirt and blouse, but my co-worker has portrayed this cartoon figure in three disturbingly fetishist poses. The first is her, nude, except for the headset, fondling one of her naked breasts. The next is her lying naked on a bed, and the third, possibly the most disturbing of all, shows her being fondled by the Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

I know, I sound like a prude, but in many other countries posting this kind of thing on one’s office door would be grounds for dismissal and a sexual harrassment lawsuit or two. I would retaliate by photoshopping together a nude portrait of Peoples Hernandez(or better yet, the guy who rides up on the kid’s bicycle as Peoples is being led away) from the recent Shaft movie and past it on the side of my cubicle, but that would be too distracting, and besides, something tells me that heterosexual fantasies are still much more socially acceptable than homosexually oriented ones.

Last night I saw “Ronin” for the first time. I wish I had seen it in the theater when it came out, but I think I was still in the army back then….not sure…anyway, excellent car chases. I am a sucker for a good car chase, and these were great. My only problem is that they used the same engine sounds for all the cars. I’m sorry, but a BMW 540i sounds different from an Audi A8. Lazy sound people.
I also think that someone other than Robert DeNiro(definitely NOT Tom Cruise) could have done a better job in the lead role. All the other actors were great, but there was something missing in DeNiro’s performance. All in all, though, this was the movie that Mission Impossible should have been.

I am going to print out some namecards with my name, my would-be professions and my website URL on them to hand out to people who say they would like to see my work some time. Any suggestions for colors, content? Should I use my legal Chinese name or my original English name? I want to start getting some imput from you guys, now. This means both of you!

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