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Apr 30 2001

Ooooh. Here I am at the office. I didn’t sleep las…

Ooooh. Here I am at the office. I didn’t sleep last night. I got online after last night’s entry and chatted until 7:30. I have no idea why. Probably because it was someone I don’t usually see online, but DAMN! I feel exhausted. It was a fun weekend, I have to admit, but today at work I only feel half-way here. It’s a good thing that nobody noticed I was late this morning and also that my workload is pretty light, so far, that it. Still, somehow, I feel like I’m back in Taiwan, after a long absence. I can’t explain it; maybe it has something to do with the arrival of summer, maybe the degree to which I am associating with my Taiwanese friends as opposed to hanging out with foreigners a lot, maybe something happened in my subconscious that I don’t realize; but, for the past few days I have just felt really happy, and life has seemed fresher and more like it used to be than normal. Weather, however, does tend to have a large influence on my attitude, so that is probably the biggest factor. It could, I suppose, be the upcoming tenth anniversary of my graduation from college. I am not going to the reunion, as it is too far, but the timing might have something to do with it as well…

There’s a guy I used to know who just started working in our office today. I knew him because I saw the newcomer notice with his information and picture on the company email. He didn’t recognize me, though. It has been something like 7 years since I saw him last, and then we only saw each other a couple of times. I guess I’ve changed, as has he, and the fact that I went to the beach yesterday and got about 3 shades darker didn’t help jog his memory. It’s okay, though.

It started out as a nice day, but now it looks like the traditional summer afternoon storm clouds are rolling in, possibly preventing my return home on my motorcycle this afternoon. I just want to get home, take a shower and go to sleep, that’s all.

Is anyone reading this at all? There are so many of these out there, no doubt many or most more interesting than mine, but sometimes I still wonder. I read other people’s stuff: Mindcrime, Ratbastard, Moose, even Ben Brown occasionally.

My friend Clar should get one of these. And Joan, too. Lots of people should get one of these, but not everyone. Only people I am interested in knowing more about. Ah, I’m a selfish bastard, I know. But I’m a happy, tired selfish bastard, today anyway.

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