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Jun 19 2001

Let’s all sing along with Zheng Zhi-hua! Actually,…

Let’s all sing along with Zheng Zhi-hua! Actually, I shouldn’t, not with a sore throat. You go ahead.

In addition to a sore throat, I also have a nasty gash on the inside of my lip where I bit it repeatedly at lunch today. I was stooped over a bowl of dry noodles at my usual lunchtime venue when I accidentally chomped into my lip. I froze, an expression of exquisite anguish on my face, my eyes screwed shut. For some reason, over the course of the meal this happened several times. One time I opened my eyes to find several other patrons eying me suspiciously as they ordered, probably wondering if they should perhaps eat elsewhere or at least avoid the dry noodles.

I’ve stumbled upon another cool website, the world wide jeb. I say stumbled because that’s usually the way I find these sites. There’s no real directory for weblogs and the like, unfortunately, so I just follows links to links to other links, and usually find something interesting eventually. Jeb has a great sense of humor (unless he’s serious, in which case I am completely lost).

It wasn’t raining too hard when I got off work so I ended up riding home after all. My motorcycle smokes a lot less now, so I can remain relatively guilt-free when I pass people, since I am not leaving them engulfed in a thick, almost cartoon-like cloud of 2-stroke smoke.

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