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Oct 16 2001

I’ve been crazybusy at work today. Lots o’ bullshi…

I’ve been crazybusy at work today. Lots o’ bullshit to spew out. One of my recently promoted co-workers had a brilliant idea for a floor-cleaner ad: “We’ll put a nekkid woman, lying on the floor! Get it? The floor’s so clean a nekkid woman has no problem lying on it! She’s like, totally unconcerned!”

They forwarded the idea to the client in Singapore, who sent back the following reply: “Uh…no.”

So now Our Favorite Co-worker, a woman who deems it beneath her station to even talk to me, of course, is storming around demanding to know what the hell is wrong with people in Singapore (answer: they have taste). Sometimes I feel like I’m working in an insane asylum. Those are usually the best times.

My old co-worker Maurice gave me a suprise by showing up today at the office, his hair a lot shorter. It turns out that he doesn’t have to do military service after all. Apparently he failed the physical by being too damn light. Go Maurice! I think his name might have helped as well.

The typhoon is veering away from us, so whoever was fucking around with the typhoon magnet obviously got my message. The weather still sucks, however, and getting to and from work is pretty messy and time-consuming. I was going to drop off my passport at the travel agency during lunch, but Dean came over for lunch at the Tandoor, an Indian restaurant right behind our building, so I’ll have to do it some other time. I’ve managed to reserve at least part of the tickets for my trip. Hopefully it will work out, and soon! I gotsta get outa here!

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