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Jul 14 2001

It’s the ‘Guess what TC stands for’ Contest! Over…

It’s the ‘Guess what TC stands for’ Contest! Over the years, many people have expressed interest, curiousity and even the occasional psychotic obsession over what the hell the TC in my name stands for. So I decided to give everyone a few choices and let them try to figure it out.

In other news, the medicine seems to be holding the evils in my stomach somewhat at bay, so I might try a small excursion to Hsintien today to celebrate the impending immigration of a Taiwanese director to Canada, as facilitated by friends Dean and Kay.

Oh. And China ‘won’ the 2008 Olympics. Rah. I’m thinking that the IOC was simply trying to avert causing the widespread chaos in China that surely would have occurred had they not gotten it. In any case, we’ll see in 2008 whether this was a wise choice or not. I’m all for giving China the chance to prove themselves, of course, and I do actually hope that Taiwan can host some of the events.

There’s some idiot foreigner guy who wrote a book on ‘the China Threat’ scaremongering in Taipei recently. ICRT interviewed him, of course, and while I agree that he knows a lot about the military situation, he seems to know fuck-all about the socioeconomic situation here and on the mainland. He can’t even pronounce ‘Beijing” right, for cryin’ out tears!

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