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Jul 26 2001

It’s Chant World! For all of your Chant needs! For…

It’s Chant World! For all of your Chant needs! Forming a doomsday cult and don’t have anything catchy to repeat over and over again in a monotone voice? Holding a rally or protest and just can’t think of the right thing to shout at your country’s governmental buildings? Visit Chant World today!

This is an actual building not far from our office. Notice the giant microphone hidden in the building’s structure. I took this picture when I was on the roof yesterday looking at the air-raid drill. Personally, I don’t dare go within 50 yards of the place. Who knows what clever sayings they have prepared to lure innocent passersby inside?

The dietician from the clinic where I had my physical called me up yesterday and suggested that I cut down on the fruit and eat more beef. How many people hear that from their dietician?

If I were to name this journal like Ernie named Little. Yellow. Different., I would be forced to call it “Chunky. Pink. Scary.“, and that would just be silly, mostly because I hate pink. I personally am no more pink than Ernie is actually yellow (I am more of a light brown, actually). The only reason I would use pink is because it’s what you get when you mix red and white. I like blue and red and black, and am on friendly terms with several shades of gray and brown, but I can’t stand pink or green (when not in a naturally occurring situation such as a tree or stuff in my refrigerator), and suffer purple only when it has something to do with the 16th century.

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