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Apr 23 2001

It’s a bit odd, writing things here I would normal…

It’s a bit odd, writing things here I would normally only write in my personal journal, for my eyes only. I guess I’ll have to be careful, but I seriously doubt there are that many people reading this, if any at all, so I will return to my ordinary, rambling description of the mundanity of my life and my self-inflicted rage at it.

I made an appointment with the features editor at the China Post tomorrow for him to look over my latest travel piece. It is 3,400 words long and I took three roles of pictures. If they take it, they’ll have to break it up into at least two sections, which is ok by me. I have no idea what is going on at the News these days, and I doubt the Times would bother with someone like me, so the Post it is. I will post it here on my writing page as soon as it comes out in the paper, sooner if it is totally rejected.

It seems like I have had a cold since April Fool’s Day. I went to the doctor again tonight, and he put me on ‘stage 2’ antibiotics, which means I shouldn’t ride my motorcycle under the influence, so I guess I will have to take the MRT tomorrow. Gonna be hell getting up in the morning, though. I remember when I was in the army, I was so used to getting up at 5:30 am, that when I was on leave I couldn’t sleep past 8 to save my life. But that was years ago.

My tenth reunion at W&L is coming up, in the first few days of May. I kind of doubt I will go, since I don’t possess the means to go right now, and I would rather see the old campus on a normal day rather than with a bunch of alumni running around it. Or like it was when I first saw it, during the summer, almost completely deserted, wonderfully so, in fact. Lexington at its best, in my opinion.

I emailed several of my friends to tell them about this website. So far only the one now known as “Moose” has bothered to reply. Thanks, Moose.
It looks like summer is arriving like a hesitant, unwilling blind date this year. We won’t see real heat until late May, I’ll bet, or even June.

Can you see Chinese in this thing, I wonder? Kandedao zhongwen ma? Guess not. Ok, I’ll keep it in English.

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