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May 29 2001

It was windy and drizzling last night, but I rode …

It was windy and drizzling last night, but I rode over to 45 anyway. Dean was already there, and we were soon joined by Steve and Irene as the place filled up. It turns out that Andy’s director friend is actually my old friend Chen Yi-wen. We worked together on Mahjong years and years ago, but I haven’t seen him since. He acted in Huang Ming-chuan’s The Man from the West as well. I told him I would like to help out on his next film, since I know I would appreciate any help I could get on my films, which pretty much rely on the generousity and spare time of my friends and other desperate individuals. We talked for a while, but there were too many people in the group and it kept breaking up into two- and three-person conversations. I’m not too comfortable in this kind of situation, as I never know to whom I am supposed to be listening, and I get nervous as I try to determine who is talking to whom. This happens with just about any group over four people, it seems. Will I ever get the hang of this, or is it a genetic thing that some people are just born with?

Thanks to Dean’s MP3 collection, I have the theme to ‘Lost in Space’ permanently installed inside my brain. Thanks, Dean.

I have determined that the guy who runs the car repair store located downstairs from where I live owns, at the most, five articles of clothing (This is assuming that he wears underwear). In the summertime he wears a white tank top. In spring and autumn he wears a red, short-sleeve polo with grease stains on it. In the winter, no matter how cold it gets, he wears a dark blue zip-up jacket over the red shirt. He also wears pants and, occasionally, shoes.

I stopped on my way to the subway the other day, and, realizing that I had left a certain important item back in my room, uttered an impassioned “Frell!” It was about that time I realized that I am probably a little too into Farscape.

I got an email from one of the guys at Blog You! This account is apparently in line to be reviewed at some as-yet undetermined point in the future. One of the cool things about Tom and Ed is that they rate weblogs in terms of Sutherlands. Four Donald Sutherlands is the best, while one Keifer is the worst one can get. Sounds fair to me. Plus, I think Tom is kind of sexy.

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