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May 21 2001

It turned out that Kirk wanted to play matchmaker …

It turned out that Kirk wanted to play matchmaker and introduce me to his friend Brian, who is American. This is apparently Kirk’s first time being a matchmaker and he was excessively blatant about it. It was odd to hear him praise me and speak English with me too. Usually he pokes fun at me and almost always speaks Chinese.

Brian and I chatted for a bit, but then my friend Jimmy, who is moving to Australia to be with(and marry?) his boyfriend there. For some strange reason, three unrelated friends of mine have met older Australian men and are considering moving to Australia. I have to see this continent someday.

In any case, Jimmy’s friend, a guy I don’t really know, entered the conversation as we were talking about Tai-chi sword. It seems that this bloke is really into Tai-chi, and he really went on and on about it. I became more and more conscious of Brian sitting next to me as this guy goes on. Every time there was a pause in the conversation I tried to end it, but none of my conversation-ending tactics worked. Before I knew it, Kirk and Brian were leaving, and I felt like a total schmuck. Kirk came back in again after seeing Brian off and roundly scolded me for acting that way. He has been calling me here at work today and scolding me too. He can’t believe how atrociously I acted, how could I throw such an opportunity away? he says. I offered to call Brian or email him, but Kirk doesn’t know how to get in touch with him, and he is leaving soon. But there is one way, maybe; I gave him my card with this URL on it, so, Brian, if you’re reading this, please accept my apologies for my behavior last night; it was inexcusable. It was fun talking to you and I hope you have a good stay in Taipei.

Today at work I noticed a strange silence when I walk. My old shoes, year-old Black Nike Air-maxes, had wore out to the point that the air pockets broke, and then I walked it sounded as if I were walking on live, loudly protesting ducks. Now I have new shoes, though, and I can tread silently, or at least until the air pockets on my new shoes wear out.

Came across the Adventures of a Big White Guy Living in Hong Kong, which is practically next door. It isso much better than my site, it’s embarrassing.

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