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Oct 04 2001

"It depends on what you mean by tacky," Tom writes…

“It depends on what you mean by tacky,” Tom writes in his blog, linking the word “tacky” to this journal. Well, I’d prefer the work “kooky”, but “tacky” will do, I suppose. Beggars cannot, after all, be choosers. It’s all part of a recent debate on what makes a good blog.

Concerning this issue, I realize that my html skills are basic at best, my design is hokey, and that other sites kick my site’s ass in the area of design. But I also like to think that at least my writing is pretty good. In the end, it doesn’t matter. We can’t be held up to one single standard, or else everyone’s site would look the same. One of the great things about the weblogging community is the variety it contains.

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