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Sep 15 2001

I’m apparently number 12 on the World’s 100 Best R…

I’m apparently number 12 on the World’s 100 Best Real People Websites. Woo-hoo! Only 11 more poisonings to go…

I was going to go down to Taichung to see Yuan-ming and some other friends, but the weather has turned crappy due to a tropical storm storm in the region, so I think I’ll just stay in and work on my book. I heard that some of Taipei’s historical buildings are open to the public today, so I might go see some of those as well.

Predictably, my boss “didn’t get around” to calling the one prospective replacement, so I still don’t know what is going to happen as far as my trip goes. In any case, I got word from a relative of mine that my grandmother’s illness has taken a turn for the worse. In the same email, I was also warned against trying to visit because my parents didn’t want me there. They reportedly think that my grandfather will not be able to stand my presence. I recall the last time I visited, after I finished film school in New York, they strenuously resisted any attempt by my brother to bring along his kids, whom I haven’t seen in many years, even though it was Christmas. That visit was a shambles.

I realize that they should have a say in this situation, and I also realize that I shouldn’t let them get to me (I tell my sister that all the time, but she lives close to them), but I still have to admit that it makes me feel a bit sad that they see me in this way.

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