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Jun 19 2001

I wish I could find a decent, plain sword. All the…

I wish I could find a decent, plain sword. All the ones I find (and have) look like these. I don’t need all the frills, just a good, plain, honest sword would be fine. Something with some weight and good balance.

We are going to start learning another form this Friday, as well as reviewing the last form we learned. There is one guy there that the teacher has her eye on for competition in the future. She even offered to let him change his residency to Taipei so that he could join the competition. When the teachers talk about us joining competitions, I hope they don’t include me. I don’t want this to be about competition. Last practice went really well, I thought. I wonder if the other students look down on me because of my lack of a background in Tai-chi chuan (I studied Shaolin, not Tai-chi quan, way before starting Tai-chi sword, which is technically a no-no, but I just really like sword). I guess it doesn’t matter. I’m not doing it for them, either. I just like sword.

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