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Dec 23 2001

I was feeling a little better last night so I deci…

I was feeling a little better last night so I decided to risk it and go to Brett’s party. I called up Kirk and we took the MRT to Kunyang Station to meet up with Harry and his British friend James, who is the curator of a Chinese antique museum on Renai Rd. Needless to say, Harry and James were late, so Kirk and I sat in the freezing station to wait for them, muttering curses under our respective breaths and trying not to be arrested for vagrancy.

Eventually they did show up and we proceeded in a taxi out to Brett’s and Alan’s apartment, which is located in a ritzy complex just past Academia Cynica Rd. There were lots of people there, including Lorenzo, of Billy’s Travel. Brett had cooked a ham and other delicious cuisine, and we sat around and talked over a nice background of traditional Christmas tunes sung by great jazz singers from the 30s and 40s. It was a lot of fun, although I notice that there seemed to be more couples than usual. This is probably a result of the same group of people getting together over the years added to the fact that people tend to engage in relationships (except for me, of course). Duh.

Sorry, this cold medicine is making me a bit loopy. You see, after I had been at the party for a few hours, my cold came back with a vengeance. I caught a ride home with Lorenzo and his boyfriend, and just passed out, except that I kept waking up all night, such was my discomfort. Oh, well. Looks like today is going to be a repeat of yesterday, except I don’t plan to go out again. There’s play practice today but I don’t think sitting outside on the roof of Grandma Nitti’s is going to help the situation. If I’m not better by tomorrow I think I might call in sick. It sucked enough to be sick in the comfort of one’s own home, but to be sick in an office environment would just be too awful.

In recent news, Lee Teng-hui thinks the capital should be moved to the south, where he claims the “mainstream” lives (what is the mainstream’s address, I wonder?). This guy has completely lost it, I think. He’s trying to draw battle lines for another civil war based on the differences between mainlanders and Taiwanese that pertain pretty much only to his generation more than to my own and the younger people; what can he be thinking? Is he nostalgic for “the good old days”? When I met him and talked to him many years ago, he seemed so nice, just like someone’s grandfather, but now he seemd to be trying to start a war. I do wish that retired politicians would stay out of politics. Mao Ze-dong had done a pretty nice job of bringing China out of the Dynastic Cycle, only to plunge back in when he didn’t see things going his way. The result was the Cultural Revolution and untold suffering. What is it with these guys?

Anyway, I’m loopy so don’t mind me. It’s my nap time.

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