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May 16 2001

I usually go pretty fast on the Civil Blvd. overpa…

I usually go pretty fast on the Civil Blvd. overpass on Hsinsheng S. Road. I came off it a little too fast yesterday on the way back home, and ended up having to swerve around a couple of buses and plow through the field of little reflector/warning bumpers in order to get back to the motorcycle lane. The impact almost made me lose control and the two metal arms that hold my fairing to the frame of my bike broke, leaving my fairing swinging in the wind.

I need a slower bike.

Blogger’s been acting wierd lately, and I haven’t been able to post in a while. I am not too concerned, though, as there is no direct evidence to date that anyone actually reads this.

The paper said that the fire in Hsichih was due to the fact that someone had torn down the firewalls. Duh! Hello? This is Taiwan, you morons, where walls are torn down indiscriminately every day, all over the city! I can’t believe it took a fire of that magnitude to alert people to the fact that this practice is dangerous. It’s all part of the “Aiyabuhui” people. These are the people that, when you ask them if they are worried that a stupid act upon their part might result in tragedy, say “Aiya! Bu hui le!”(Oh, that’s not going to happen!). If you were to ask the people tearing down the firewalls if they thought it might result in a dangerous situation, I’d bet a serious amount of money that they would have said this. Also the people who ride 6-to-a-scooter, the people that tear out supporting walls that result in building collapses, those drivers who run red lights, the people that build on landslide-prone slopes, and the people that build nuclear power plants(our fourth now, and counting). And, I predict, within a week or two people will resume tearing down firewalls as well, if they even stopped. Live and don’t learn, that’s the motto of the ‘Aiyabuhui’.

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