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Dec 27 2001

I posted the Indian Pacific story on my writing pa…

I posted the Indian Pacific story on my writing page, if you’d like to know just what went on during those three days on the train across Australia in late October when I wasn’t blogging. It was a very interesting experience.

This morning as I was riding to work I was almost pinned against a taxi by one of those Volkswagen Vanagons, painted silver and adorned with various kinds of racing paraphenalia, such as headlight covers, a spoiler, etc. Obviously one of those boy-racer types no doubt. Later on I passed the VW, and it ended up right behind me at the next stoplight. No sooner had the light turned green than the guy let loose with his horn and began moving towards me like he was going to hit me. I took off and he actually chased me through the heavy morning traffic, swerving quite dangerously. I managed to turn off through a pocket in the oncoming traffic onto the side street next to my office building, but he was right behind me as I did so, yelling “Fuck you!” at me as he passed.

I don’t know whether to laugh at this crazed idiot or be scared that he’ll track me down and kill me for actually having the nerve to pass him and then not run a red light so he can get through.

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