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Jun 07 2001

Friend and former News slave Steve lent me some go…

Friend and former News slave Steve lent me some good CDs so I can drown out my co-workers’ pitiful attempts to be cute with each other as well as the annoying ring tones of their abandoned “mobile” phones. I can also drown out this Japanese ‘singer’ called Ono Lisa(no doubt an abbreviated form of comments made earlier in her ‘singing’ career, i.e. “Oh, no! It’s Lisa! And she’s going to *gasp* sing!”), who fails utterly to breath life into old 70’s songs. Anyway, among the songs on Steve’s CD’s that I particularly like are “Cacharpaya Shuffle”, by Incantation, “Let it go”, by Goats Don’t Shave, “Polityka” and “Chertex Richku, Cherez Hai” by the Ukrainians, “Hush Little Baby” as performed by the Horseflies, and pretty much the entire Ederlezi album by Goran Bregovic. Can’t understand the words, but the music rocks.

Tonight I have to walk over to Song-jiang Road, where my injured steed is parked, look for a motorcycle repair shop, likely get gouged for a new chain that will probably outlast the bike itself (just like the new fairing frame, new gas tank, signals, etc.), and get over to The Tavern to meet Gavin, Ronnie and a host of others so I can sell them my T-shirts and hopefully spend an entertaining evening complaining about the pitiful state of the English-language media here in Taiwan. Oh, if anyone out there wants a “Taiwan -the Renegade Province” T-shirt, just let me know.

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