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Jul 11 2001

For the benefit of those of you out there that are…

For the benefit of those of you out there that aren’t me, there are actually two Brian Kennedys who live in Taipei. One of them worked at the News as the senior sarcasm editor when I was there, and the other is a cool bearded lawyer dude who used to be involved with Amnesty International. I had lunch with the latter today, not the former, and I apologize for any confusion or economic downturns that resulted from my previous vagueness on this point.

“Trami the Tropical Storm learns the true meaning of Christmas” is still coming, but all of the weatherpeople just sort of pet it and chuckle good-naturedly instead of putting on the stern, panic-inducing expressions they usually reserve for the approach of such systems, which in Taiwan happens about every couple of days. One of these days we’ll get a real typhoon breathing down our necks, one that looks more like a huge spider-like monster, and the weatherpeople will break into more kneejerk hysterics. You know, of course, that weatherpeople live for really bad weather. Imagine what their jobs would be like without it, eh? They’d never have any opportunity for drama or hysterics, two of the very things that make watching weather reports so much fun.

Our server is down, so that Lotus Notes doesn’t work. I am convinced that the IT guy was trying to fix it so that my computer would explode the next time I tried to use ICQ and accidently screwed up the whole system. I don’t care, so long as it stays broken until after 6 so I can go get a meatball sub and watch Star Trek DVDs at home.

For some strange reason, whenever Whiny Woman calls her home and talks to her son, who is apparently(I hope) no more than 5 years old, she calls him “Mommy”.

Whiny Woman talking to son on phone: “Mommy! Are you being good, mommy? That’s a good boy!”

Me: *turns up Green Day CD*

It just occurred to me that maybe Whiny Woman has her own blog, and in it she constantly complains about me. Her journal would be full of things like “The scary guy with the fedora and the black Chinese jacket in the cubicle next to me had another swearing match with his computer today. This time he was even swinging his mouse by its cord like some sort of lasso, threatening to let it go. Now I kind of wish he’d go back to taking everyone’s phones apart.”

(note to Henrik, who is filling in for me tomorrow while I have me innards plumbed: the black Chinese jacket is in my drawer. Feel free to put it on and scare people)

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