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Oct 17 2001

For some strange reason, there was a shitload of w…

For some strange reason, there was a shitload of work waiting to pounce on me when I got to the office this morning. It made me wonder if there was some sort of corporate crisis or something. The reason I found this frustrating was that, had I not been so busy, I could have gone down to Keelung Rd. to apply for an Australian visa. Instead I had to pass task that on to the travel agency, spending NT$1,300 more than I needed to because today just happened to be Shitload o’ Work day. I know, it’s no big deal. It’s probably better that the travel agency do it, as going in person to apply would only instigate yet another round of the “How the Hell Can a Foreigner Have a Chinese Passport?” game, and I don’t really feel up to that right now.

Every little thing that happens at work these days just pisses me off. My keyboard is bearing the lion’s share of my frustration at the moment, but it could just as easily be the printer or even a hapless co-worker. This could mean that I need a vacation. It could also mean that my job is meaningless and trivial, a genuine misuntilization of my talent and potential, a waste of my precious time. But there’s not much I can do about that, so I guess I’ll just take a vacation.

In any case, the weather has cleared up, and the sun is reflecting off the building next door into the windows of the offices who have them. I haven’t heard any word from Henrik since his last email and phone conversation when he agreed to fill in for me for a couple of weeks in November. I hope he is still ok with that. I’ll get Graham in here tomorrow or Friday to show him the ropes.

Yeah. Now all I need is a real backpack for that Backpacker Image so beloved down under. Something in which I can throw some clothes, my camera, walkman and various toiletries and still wear semi-comfortably.

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