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Dec 21 2001

Dave gets hate mail. Shauna gets hate mail (unfort…

Dave gets hate mail. Shauna gets hate mail (unfortunately she took that post down). Where’s my hate mail? The most hateful mail I get usually starts out with “Hey, Paogoa! We *heart* your site! Do you have massive debt? We have a platinum Bank of Nuzburia credit card for you! Use it to see chesty girls with improbable names licking household items!”

I don’t feel so well. The eye drops the doc gave me last night ended up in my throat (yeah, joke all you want, but they do need to improve their aim) and now it’s incredibly sore. I don’t know if it’s a cold or some sort of allergic reaction to the drops, but it’s a pain and really unnecessary as it’s the weekend already, dammit. I know it’s a freezing 10 degrees celsius outside, but I’ve got an article to write, a party to go to and a rehearsal this weekend, so I really don’t need the cold, thanks. “Excuse me? I’d like to return this cold? You see, it’s just not me. Can I exchange it for something a little more Christmas-y?”

Speaking of things that aren’t so Christmas-y, Tom‘s boss, a miserable excuse for homo sapiens named Carl, fired him just a week before Christmas. If you’re in the Bay area and happen upon Carl, feel free to spit liberally all over this wretch and then mail his well-salived bodice to Antarctica. Just tell him I sent you.

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