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Aug 17 2001

Coming to work this morning was rather interesting…

Coming to work this morning was rather interesting. First of all I was late, but that’s pretty common for me. Then, as I was riding up Hsinsheng South Road, the sky opened up and huge raindrops began pelting me, so I swerved onto the sidewalk and under the overhang to get out of it. Luckily, I stopped right in front of a Yamaha motorcycle repair shop (these shops are actually about as common here as me being late to work), so I added some oil while I waited for the rain to let up. In about 15 minutes, it did, the fierce rays of the sun causing puddles to fizz and steam to rise from the wet asphalt.

I had turned onto Minsheng East Road and was headed for my office building when I saw a line of some sort snap up across the road in front of me. I was just beginning to brake when the line dropped to the ground again. As I passed I saw two guys dressed in yellow-and-orange outfits that could only be government- or circus-issue on either side of the four-lane road, holding the ends of a tape measure. About 100 feet down the road another group of similarly dressed men were huddled around a telescope-like surveying device on the median near my intersection. I stopped at the intersection and watched the guys raise and drop the tape measure across the road in between vehicles in the middle of the heavy morning traffic. I could just hear them saying to each other “I bet you NT$500 this guy’ll brake.” “You’re on!” “Ha ha, I win…”

I recently realized that I have been putting all of my new photos at the bottom of my photo page, which is just stupid. People wanting to see if I have added any photos lately don’t have time to scroll all the way down to the bottom, dammit! So in the future, I will put the new stuff at the top. I know…duh! Even “W” could have figured that one out.

Thanks to Tolerance.org‘s series of hidden bias tests, I now know that, besides a “slight automatic preference for black people”, I am a relatively unbiased person (Link from Luke).

Good thing it wasn’t about food, otherwise a “strong automatic preference for pop-tarts” on my part would no doubt have been confirmed.

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