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Jul 04 2001

Another typhoon is on its way…it seems to be dru…

Another typhoon is on its way…it seems to be drunk and not sure of its direction, which isn’t unusual considering it is passing through the Philippines at the moment. Plenty of alcohol to be found there, and, of course it’s easy enough to get lost without maps. Looks like it won’t hit the north part of the island at the moment, so all we have is the usual wind and sporadic rain so far. It’s too bad; I was hoping for a day off tomorrow.

Last night’s practice with the actor playing Sir Thomas More went well. I am gradually learning the part and hopefully by Sunday I will be able to go without the script. The players all seem like nice people, from what I know so far. This could turn out to be a lot of fun.

I watched Boogie Nights last night. I suppose they did a good job of capturing the 70s atmosphere, but as a movie, it sucked. It was documentary to the point of having no point. The makers might like to pretend that there was no plot, but a movie is a movie, and the story needs to progress, or else you’ll lose your audience. Oops, I forgot: you can’t lose an audience who has heard that you can see Marky Mark’s penis at the end. Oh, well.

Funny thing is, as I watched the movie, I thought back to those times….the late 70s, early 80s, etc….I remember sitting in my blue room on Biscayne Blvd. on New Year’s Eve, 1979, making recordings with my tape recorder…goodbye 70s, hello 80s sort of thing…I was still in elementary school, of course, so I knew precious little about the social life of the times back then. All I thought as I watched this movie was Damn! Look what I was missing!

Since I have been banned from taking people’s cell phones apart, I am being forced to become more creative in my campaign against the infidels. Lately I just press the ‘answer’ button on the offending, unattended phone and let those who are calling listen to the melodious sounds of our office environment until they get bored and hang up. Or until they hear some company secrets and make a fortune off of private information. It’s all good, you see?

Saw an article about top Republicans in the US being against stem cell research. I would like these republicans to be responsible for taking care of their former leader Ronald Reagan for a few weeks and then see if they can come to the same conclusion.

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