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Sep 11 2001

…and the saga continues. Anika, apparently, wasn…

…and the saga continues. Anika, apparently, wasn’t interested in whatever the mystery salary was, so, barring any other possibilites, I’m probably going to have to postphone my trip until November. This is acceptable, even though I’ll get a few less days than I would in October, but it’s better than nothing. Minja , whom I’ve told I would name a character in one of my movies after, hinted that Aussie food is far too oily, but hopefully I’ll survive. I also hear they have doughnuts! Wouldn’t it be cruel, though, to bite into what you think is a chocolate-filled doughnut and find that it is in fact full of vegamite? Gah!

That would happen to me, of course. Once, when I was five, I got out a big jug of apple cider, poured myself a drink, took a big gulp and realized that it was actually vinegar. You’d think the smell would have alerted me, but I was young and foolish then. Another time I took a swig from a big glass of milk and found that it was that milk you cook with but don’t drink unless Janet Reno is pointing an Uzi at your head.

The weather today is wonderful, sunny and just the right temperature, with a slight, cool breeze. The air actually smells fresh, even though it is so hazy the normally visible mountains surrounding the city are hidden from view. By contract, the conditioned office air smells stale and almost rank.

I went to the eye doctor last night, and, after determining that my ID number on my National Health Insurance card is wrong, he proceeded to extract a particle of some unknown origin from my right eye. He gave me some drops, but I found that I couldn’t sleep last night, because sleep involves closing one’s eyes, and if I close my eye it hurts and wakes me up. So I spent the night dosing off and then being jerked back awake by a sharp pain in my right eye.

At about 7 a.m. I gave up and went to the Adventist hospital to get in the long line of very old people to see the eye doctor there. As I gained access to the eye doctor’s inner sanctum, she was admonishing an old women in Taiwanese.

“Have you been using the drops?” the doctor asked.

“No,” the old woman replied curtly.

“Well, that’s why you can’t see!”

“I’m not used to putting drops in my eyes. I’m too set in my ways!”

The doctor gave me yet another bottle of eye drops after determining that there were no other particles of unknown origin in my eye. Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to actually sleep. If not, I’ll just make up some more A-lister conversations.

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