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Aug 20 2001

After fooling with the equalizer, the Volt is soun…

After fooling with the equalizer, the Volt is sounding much better. I’m listening to Chen Lei, who is one of my favorite Taiwanese singers. He doesn’t do the whole Western-wannabe thing I find so annoying, and his Taiwanese is clear and easy for me to understand. I used to sing his “Zi-ran Jiu Shi Mei” (Natural Beauty) a lot at karaoke. I even played it on the trumpet at the KTV for people when I was in the army. The really high-pitched voices of his female backup singers (I suspect that they are all former or current betelnut girls) are annoying, but I don’t mind them that much. Chen Lei songs remind me of when I was living back in Hsinchu. It seems forever ago.

Every so often we get tour groups trapsing through the office. Most of the time these are comprised of an endless stream of soon-to-graduate students, gawking and trying to see what everyone is doing…probably wondering what “edit your blog” and “Post to Poagao’s Journal” mean. When I see them coming I usually just pull my fedora down over my face, slink down in my chair as far as possible and try to ignore them. What I really should do is do something guaranteed to crash my computer, something tricky and complicated like opening Word 97. The fact that we’re still using Word 97 in 2001 should be a clue that this company isn’t exactly on the cutting edge, but if they’re not bright enough to realize that, then maybe they wouldn’t mind working here after all. But the traditional Blue Screen o’ Windeath would be more convincing, don’t you think?

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