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Sep 25 2001

A friend of mine from the newspaper called me this…

A friend of mine from the newspaper called me this afternoon and said there’s an opening at the newspaper where he’s working now, which is a different one from the paper where we were working before. My first instinct was to call up another friend, Graham, and tell him about it, since he just got back and is looking for work. But then I began to wonder if I should consider it myself.

This position would probably pay more than I make now, but in return I would have to sacrifice my evenings, as working hours there are 3pm to 10pm. I’d also have to sacrifice half of every other weekend. The content I’d be editing would probably be more interesting, but then again there’d be that daily deadline to deal with every day…and there’s all of the reasons I took this job after working my last job at the newspaper, even though I’m not making as much here as I was there.

Maybe I should ask for a raise. If I were making more money here and not sitting next to Whiny Woman (hopefully I wouldn’t be after we move to our new office in January), it would be a lot easier to get up and come in every day. Also, I feel like here I am at least still living in Taiwan, since everyone here is Taiwanese, even though some of them are annoying. At the paper there were so many foreigners it felt like I was working in a little bubble of extraterritoriality which irked me no small amount. It seemed to sap all the meaning out of living in Taiwan.

Again, the danger of apathy towards one’s job is that one will be unnaturally attracted to other jobs one won’t necessarily like any better. It’s like going to the supermarket when you’re starving: you probably won’t be the best judge of what you should eat and will most likely end up stuffing your face with the first thing you come across, which could very well be Little Debbie Cakes covered with Ragoo spaghetti sauce. But after an hour you realize that it probably wasn’t the wisest choice and swear off using second-person ever again.

Hoo, there really should be a license to analogize.

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