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Jan 05 2015


Dean and I met up with Tobie Openshaw at the gate of the Taipei American School in Tianmu yesterday afternoon. Tobie was helping us record the commentary track for the DVD/Blu-ray package. We went up to Tobie’s office/classroom, where he teaches videomaking, and we spent the next few hours making snarky, somewhat lucid remarks as we watched the film. I got the single pair of headphones, so Dean talked a lot more while I was busy watching the movie, making an occasional grunting noise here and there. Every half hour or so we would take a break downstairs. It was odd being in a high school again after so many years, though TAS is far nicer than my own high school. And it should be for what it costs to go there.

Dean is moving to Hungary later this months, where he will be working on the final packaging of the DVD/Blu-ray/download of the film. We will then mail/send links out to everyone we promised to send it to, as well as perhaps making it available on download services.

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