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Nov 13 2014

Paris, etc., part something

To our relief, the day was clear this morning when we headed out to catch a train to Vannes, rushing past lovely pastures and fields still cloaked in mist. Once there we stored our stuff at a hotel and headed into town, stopping for some directions from a nervous young man holding several packs of cigarettes. Something about the town put me on edge, perhaps the blocked up and steel-covered stain glass windows on the cathedral or the prevalence of mohawks and mullets.

The church featured several dead people, as well as some reasonable facsimiles of dead people. It was quiet when the construction workers weren’t banging around the place.

We found a street market and bought a bunch of soap as well as some fruit. Then we wandered some more, as rain came and went. Eventually we ended up at city hall, and then went down to the marina. There we witnessed some older fellows playing a kind of ball game where you throw balls a certain distance.

The light was nice even as the rain came and went, and we seemed to be stalked by a couple of girls for some reason as we crossed the river and the old city walls back towards the station. I was ravenous by this time, but dinner would have to wait as we had a train to catch to Quimper.

The hotel in Quimper is kind of strange; they require individual codes for each device using their wifi, and the billing is kind of wierd as well. It’s more like a motel in form, and we are all crammed into one room with somewhat less-than-stellar water pressure. Dinner was crepes at a place next door serviced by one very busy yet friendly woman. My crepe, at least, was delicious.

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