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Nov 22 2014

Paris, etc. part 9

Today we went to the Monmarte area. Breakfast was surprisingly bad at a place just across the road from the entrance. We took the funicular or whatever up, just in time to witness a young woman in a scarf scoop up some water from the gutter into a bottle, which she proceeded to splash people with. A harpist was playing on the veranda overlooking the city. We slipped into the church, which has changed since I was there last in ’09. Back then, we could just walk in and sit down, but now worshippers are segregated from observers, and men cannot wear hats. Why only men can’t wear hats I have no idea. They also say no photography, but everyone inside was snapping away with their tablets and phones. I suppose that makes sense, when I think about it. The singing was very nice, though.

We walked around the area a bit and then, after a merry game of I’m The Only One Who Knows Where We’re Going, we found the Two Windmills, i.e. the cafe featured in the movie Amelie. It was very cool to sit inside and eat. The food was very good, and the service impeccable. I asked the waiter where the fruit stand in the movie was, and he told me, but we didn’t find it. Instead we took the subway to the Cite stop and boarded a boat for a cruise up and down the Seine. It was nice, but a bit cold. I couldn’t help but wonder who lived in all of those brightly lit windows, and what their life was like.

After the tour we took the subway to the Eiffel Tower, but the line going up was so long we abandoned any hope of doing so, and instead took the underground back to the apartment. Dinner was takeout, and delicious. We also stocked up on groceries, which is going to make tomorrow’s flight difficult.

Yes, we are flying back to Taipei tomorrow. Paris has been interesting, if frustrating at times, but those are all my fault. Maybe I’ll come back someday in a more appropriate state.

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