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Nov 26 2013

Osaka, part whatever

Christmas music was playing in the hotel lobby the next morning. Too early.  The breakfast was decent, and the weather was clear. We took the subway to the big castle nearby, even though it was just down the street. The place was full of tourists, and I was a bit disappointed that they hadn’t kept the interior of the place, which is really just a big tourist center inside…

You know, I have a bunch of cryptic notes about this trip, but I can’t recall a lot of it at this point, to be honest. We were just so busy and so tired that it was all really just a blur. It was one of the most exhausting trips I’ve made, and definitely not my favorite mode of travel. We were rushing here and there, with barely enough time to take quick snaps here and there, and probably nothing decent. It’s been years since I’ve had a proper vacation.

Apparently I was yelled at by a cop. I have no idea. We went to Umeda and took the ferris wheel, as it was one of the coupons in a book Chenbl had bought, and we were going to do all the things in the coupon book because it was Cheap. Anyway, only when we were halfway up did Carlos reveal the fact that he is very afraid of heights. Chenbl made fun of him and rocked the carriage, but I didn’t think it was that funny. The view was nice, though. Later we went up to a nearby high building that I’d gone up on my last trip, and it made me miss that trip, which wasn’t really that great a trip, but at least I had some time to myself.

That night we took a short boat trip at Namba, under the bridges, while the guide made some patter, and then some good food. The others were really concerned about food, but I really didn’t care that much. Later we went to a sauna out somewhere that was included in the coupon book. The sauna was nice, partly outdoors in the cold. I enjoyed laying on the stone mats that were covered with just a bit of hot water, looking at what I thought was Mars.

What a mess. I really should look at the little video I took as well as the photos before I continue this.

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