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Absolutely Not Your Monkey

Jun 26 2013


So the film’s done. The soundtrack’s locked in, the titles and credits are finalized. It took a lot of hard work, but it’s done.

So where is it? Well, now we enter the “middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition” that is distribution. I went over to the Taipei Film Commission off the Dunhua traffic circle last week and showed them the trailer I cut, and they seemed quite excited. “Why didn’t you apply for grants while you were filming?” they asked, incredulously.

In any case, they want to see the finished product, so they can help arrange meetings with local film companies to discuss distribution, so we’re planning to meet with them some time next week to give them a look. We’re also planning to submit it to the Golden Horse Film Festival; I think people would enjoy it if it does manage somehow to get in. The next Taipei Film Festival is next year, so we’re too late for that or Urban Nomad, alas, but there might be other festivals to submit it to. We still need to put subtitles on it, but I know a guy who can do that. Otherwise, it’s done.

Done. Done, I say! Done done done. Man, it feels so good to type that word.


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