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Jun 02 2012

London trip, part 7

The weather was greyer and cooler yet again this morning. Apparently we hit a really nice bit of luck with the weather this time, as it had been raining constantly before we arrived, but like our visit, the nice weather is supposed to be coming to an end soon.

The morning hours were spent at the British Museum, breezing through centuries of art and artifacts from across the ages, noting with some degree of satisfaction that even such a world-renowned institution can misspell the names of Chinese dynasties on their labels. Outside, we cooled our overheated brains with ice cream from a truck as a well-dressed businessman in a red tie stared off into space from the museum’s porch.

I was meeting the other BME members at the gallery at noon for a frank roundtable discussion of various issues, followed by a Thai lunch around the corner. It was great to finally match faces with the photography and writing of the other members, and I hope that we created a basis for better communication in the future.

We walked back to Kings Cross and loitered a bit in front of the big station hotel before going back to our rather more modest accommodations for a nap, waking up just in time to get back to the gallery at 6ish.

Lots of people showed up, many of them individuals I’d known on Flickr but never met in real life, which was odd but fun. Charlie had a flash make out session going in the back yard in no time flat. We drank and talked and even shot a bit, and a wonderful time was had by all. Afterwards there was talk of going to a nearby pub, but I didn’t catch the place’s name and ended up walking with Jack and Fabrizio  back to King’s Cross, where Chenbl and I said goodbye to them and had dinner at a kebab place.

Tomorrow we’re going to walk around as much as the weather and the crowds permit, before hopping on a flight back to Shanghai in the evening. It’s been a great time here and I’m a bit sorry to go, but I should also make time for another trip in the future.


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