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Absolutely Not Your Monkey

Mar 16 2012


When I showed up at the park last Sunday for practice, I noticed several of my fellow students in a rugbyesque ring, all pushing at each other from the side. I retired to a corner to warm up and go through the forms a few times, and then practice with Teacher X while discussing his stereo equipment, and chat with Little Qin a bit.

But eventually my curiosity got the better of me, and five or six of us stood in a circle, all trying to push someone out of the ring. Even Teacher X joined in. The object was, as far as I was concerned anyway, just to not get pushed out, so I spent all of my time just transferring any energy from one side to the other, without actually adding much myself. One or two times, however, two waves of energy would hit me from either side -it travels in waves around the circle-, and I got pushed out of the circle, but most of the time I managed to stay put. It was interesting. I’m not entirely sure how useful it is, but a little extra-dimensional practice can’t hurt.

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