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Sep 19 2009

Nocturnal submissions

I got off work about the same time as Jon Stewart, and we were walking out of the building at night (obviously, this is a dream). We looked at the empty lot next door, and I mentioned that I really missed the White House, which was apparently a joke as a building strongly resembling it, which had indeed been used as a stand-in for it on TV, had stood there until recently. He said he didn’t feel like going home and wanted to go take in a game, and would I like to go, so I said sure. I followed him up bounding easily up several flights of stairs (dream) to emerge into the upper seats of a stadium, to find everyone in the stands absorbed in almost every game you can imagine, games like UNO, Chinese checkers and Battleship. I knew then something was fishy, that I must be being filmed; this was obviously something Jon had cooked up for my benefit. I could tell that everyone, though apparently concentrating on the various games, was waiting for my reaction. So I looked around, put a look of realization on my face and said loudly so that some hidden microphone could pick it up, “Wait a minute, I don’t see any rock-paper-scissors!”

This was apparently a very funny thing to have said (dream). Jon came over with the camera, and we were joined by a very famous, very blond actress resembling the blonde cylon on BSG (now there’s a sentence that would have confused the hell out of me in 1980), who was wearing a glittery golden dress and, surprisingly quickly, me, as she wrapped herself around me and stage-whispered something suggestive in my ear. I thought to myself, I really should tell Jon I prefer someone more like Ice Cube or some other non-female person, but it would be a big deal and cause a scandal. Then I began to wonder how my subconscious had chosen all of this, and I started to wake up, wondering, in that strange state when dreams are fading but logic and reality has yet to take hold, why the hell I wasn’t a famous person trading quips with Stewart and writing award-winning comedies.

Of course, then I really woke up, and for some reason I felt like relating this strange dream to you, as you apparently have nothing better to do right now either, and it was a really good and bizarre dream, with nothing particularly bad happening, unless you count the actress thing.

But my Actual Life (c) isn’t bad, really; in a few minutes I’m setting off for one of the New Hampshire Bushman’s get-togethers at the beach, and though it’s cloudy outside, it might be an interesting time. Noname called up last week and asked me to play a couple of gigs with the group in the Xinyi District over the next couple of weeks. And I really should take a fall excursion somewhere before it gets too cold. I’m thinking Japan again, as it would be nice to see what it’s like there when I’m not freezing my ass off, but I’m not sure if another visit to Tokyo is the best idea. Perhaps somewhere else. If I just played it by ear, I’d probably end up taking the Trans-Siberian and end up in Istanbul, which wouldn’t be too practical as I have to be back at work in a week or so. But one can dream.

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  1. Dreams like those are always the best; as weird as they are you can always remember them. It would be nice just to jump a train and go on a big trip like that…but only writers of fiction can take such journies.

    If I were in Taiwan and had some time for a vacation, I think I’d try Vietnam. It is not too far, I’d have a ball in Hanoi and the old part of town, and I know I’d be able to enjoy Bç³» “gourmet” with no problems.

    If you’re thinking Japan but want to go somewhere new, why not Korea?

    Comment by Bryan — September 19, 2009 @ 10:43 am

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