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Absolutely Not Your Monkey

Dec 20 2008


Darrell just left my apartment, the final edit of the film copied onto his portable harddrive. That’s it, basically. The film is comfortably under the two hour mark, and is pretty much as far along as I could get it. I could tinker with it forever, of course, and digital technology has made that all too easy (much to the consternation of film music composers everywhere, Darrell says), at least easier than in the days of film, where, when a film was cut, it was actually cut, and bits of frames were difficult to put back in.

In any case, I think there is a point where further editing only makes a movie worse. After a long period of time looking at the same scenes, the editor becomes tired, and any change appears better, fresher and more interesting than the original edition he’s seen so many times. Too great a familiarity with the project makes it almost incomprehensible to people who haven’t seen it before (see the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean movies for an illustration of this). I may have reached that point a while ago, but although no film is perfect and could always be made better, there is a point when a project must move on, and for me, that point is, if not several months or even years ago, at least now.

Now that I’ve relinquished the project into Darrell’s able hands, the only thing remaining for us to do is color correction, opening and closing credits, and of course promotional materials such as a kick-ass trailer, posters, viral marketing, and film festival research. I will need to revamp the website to reflect the current state of things as well. But I’m done with the editing, which is the main thing. Done! I say. Done, really, with the film, at least while I’m still in my 30’s.

Now I’m off to Japan for a few days to unwind and decompress. It’s been a long haul; thanks for your patience. We’re almost there.

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