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May 07 2008

5/7 Tuishou

I almost didn’t go to practice due to the threat of rain, but after another migraine, I figured I could use the exercise. Weeble, Mr. V, Guo and Teacher Xu were already there when I arrived, and the square was mostly dry. I practiced with Mr. V while Weeble and Guo went at it. They were very talkative, chattering unceasingly as they advised each other. Mr. V and I pushed silently. I concentrated on softness, letting myself be pushed into corners and trying to “relax” my way out, but it wasn’t working very well. I couldn’t envision my opponent’s backbone for some reason. Maybe I was just tired. Occasionally I would push back, but not often.

After Mr. V had to leave, Teacher Xu had me practice with Weeble for five minutes, and then Guo. Both were effusive in their praise, but I take it just like their criticism. I still have a long way to go, and it’s slow, but at least I’m still going.

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